About Us

Navigating the realm of expired and FSBO leads can seem challenging, but with the right support and resources, it transforms into an avenue for immense growth. This is where Real Connect, your comprehensive solution for scaling your real estate business, steps in.

Co-founded by industry leaders Jake Shore and Martin Towers, Real Connect specializes in bridging realtors with high-quality seller leads across the United States. We deliver meticulously vetted and scored leads, providing you with the freshest Expired, Canceled, Withdrawn listings, and FSBOs.

We recognize that in today's data-driven era, having premium data is just half the battle won. To help you convert leads into successful listings, Real Connect equips you with a sophisticated CRM system, all in one platform. No longer do you need to juggle between multiple software solutions - our advanced CRM streamlines your prospecting efforts, driving your business into overdrive.

Partnering with Real Connect is not just about utilizing a service - it's about embracing a growth mindset. Our robust support system includes comprehensive onboarding, continuous training, and a range of support channels like live chat and support tickets, ensuring you're never alone in your journey.

Our track record echoes our commitment to your success. A significant 70% of our agents secure a listing appointment within the first week, and 50% secure a listing within the same timeframe. Embark on your journey of growth with a 7-day free trial offering free leads, then continue to build your empire with a subscription at just $197 per month.

At Real Connect, we're constantly innovating for your success. Exciting new features such as Facebook ads integration, IDX integration, and mailer integration are on the horizon, enhancing your capabilities further. Your data security and privacy remain our paramount concern, reinforcing our promise of a secure, effective lead generation and management experience.

Join Real Connect today, and unlock the full potential of expired and FSBO leads, propelling your real estate prospecting into the future.